Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BBOXX Video: Learn more about what we do!

Get to know more about BBOXX, our background and what we do by clicking on the video below:

Monday, 15 August 2011

BBOXX RD Congo office ready and their staffs are eagerly waiting for the container to arrive

BBOXX RD Congo's container is in Kampala and should reach Goma by the end of the week. After the tricky business of clearing it at customs, their impatient customers and distributors will finally be able to come to their modern office to buy their stock and start spreading BBOXX solar kits and accessories across the North Kivu.
BBOXX RD Congo office getting ready for the container.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

BBOXX RD Congo staffs in the field repairing their first backup systems in Goma

BBOXX RD Congo staff dismantling a broken UPS.
BBOXX Congo staffs started repairing defective backup systems around Goma. Throughout this task they realised the large demand for good quality deep-cycle storage batteries and controllers which are often the weakest links of many power backup systems in Congo. Those systems often made in China or India have a very short lifespan here because of the dusty and polluted air conditions and also the lack of trained technicians to size and program them properly.
BBOXX RD Congo technicians testing some circuit boards.

Monday, 8 August 2011

BBOXX RD Congo office by night is creating the buzz in Goma

BBOXX RD Congo just opened its new office in Goma which can be seen from far away with its new lighting display.

BBOXX RD Congo office by night.

BBOXX testing its products under the toughest conditions

BBOXX's partners, Mr van Goethem and Mr Van Houcke, climbed the Nyiragongo volcano in the Virgunga Park which destroyed part of Goma in 2002. It has the largest lava lake in the world at around 3,400 meters above sea level.

As part of their trip, they took one of their battery boxes that they used for lighting while spending the night next the crater with the temperature falling below 5 degree Celsius.  
Mr van Goethem and Mr Van Houcke at the top of Mount Nyiragongo

BB7 battery box on the edge of the volcano's crater

Thursday, 4 August 2011

BBOXX RD Congo office in action

BBOXX RD Congo has opened its new office this week in Goma and their staffs are being trained by BBOXX UK’s partner, Mr Van Houcke and Mr van Goethem. BBOXX RD Congo is preparing its marketing campaign and developing its distribution network in the Kivu region before the container arrives next week. They expect a good response to their products in the Kivu Region where 90% of the population doesn’t have access to electricity and even the 10% that do have to rely on diesel generators during the numerous power outages.
BBOXX RD Congo office in Goma.
BBOXX UK, Mr van Goethem, giving a training session on BBOXX solar products in Goma
BBOXX RD Congo office is located on the 2nd floor of Ihuzi building in Goma. Its office has been very busy this week with many curious customers coming to enquire about our products and the different solar systems we can do. Our solar home entertainment kit is expected to be a good seller!  
First interested customers come to BBOXX RD Congo office.
BBOXX RD Congo manager, Mr Kaba, and BBOXX UK partner, Mr Van Houcke, meeting their distributors in Goma.
BBOXX's solar home entertainment kit.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The launch of BBOXX RD Congo

BBOXX’s partners, Mr van Goethem and Mr Van Houcke, have arrived in Goma to support their Congolese partners with the launch of BBOXX RD Congo.
BBOXX's Partner, Mr Van Houcke, at the Congo-Rwanda border.
They had their first partners' meeting on the 30th of July during which they opened their new office and shop located on Avenue Bishweka in Goma.

BBOXX RD Congo first partners meeting in Goma.
BBOXX RD Congo is currently building its distribution network in the Kivu region and its first container is arriving mid-August in Goma. BBOXX RD Congo aim is to offer a wide range of quality solar products from small scale solar systems below 100W to large scale off-grid or backup systems .

BBOXX at the 2011 Kigali EXPO

BBOXX has a stand for the second year in a row at the Kigali East African EXPO which gathers many players from a wide variety of industries in East Africa. BBOXX is presenting its new diversified product range and analysing the market response to its new solar products. One of the unique products that they are launching this summer is a low-power TV that can run for several hours per day on their different solar kits. Rwanda has around 90% TV coverage and their TV has an antenna with an integrated decoder allowing people in remote regions to watch the news. They hope this will be a big seller!
BBOXX's stand at Kigali EXPO
BBOXX stand in action
BBOXX aims to make its offices in Kigali the headquarters for its East African operations and they have already started to export products to Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. BBOXX’s partner, Mr van Goethem and Mr Van Houcke, will be in Rwanda for two months preparing the framework and distribution networks required to expand BBOXX’s operations in the region.