Thursday, 29 July 2010

Meet the Team

Hello and welcome to the BBOXX blog!

The blog will be launched in the coming days, and will offer regular posts, pictures and videos. 

In the meantime, let us introduce you to our team. 

The Team

Setting up the company in Rwanda, Laurent Van Houcke, Mansoor Hamayun and Christopher Baker-Brian are BBOXX's heart, mind and main hands. They are currently getting help from William Van Goethem, chief of new product development, and Fabien Cante, director of marketing. Most importantly, however, BBOXX is part of a vast and tightly connected network of friends and colleagues, from all over the world, who have contributed their time, enthusiasm and knowledge to the project of developing new electrification solutions in Rwanda. All are or were part of e.quinox, BBOXX's sister and partner, a non-profit organization launched in  2008 at Imperial College (London) which is bringing affordable electricity to rural villages in the north of Rwanda.

Find a list of e.quinox contributors and learn more about the project here

Stay tuned for more news.