Monday, 21 February 2011

Appointment of BBOXX Partner to IEEE Committee

BBOXX Founding Partner and Director of Research and Technology, Christopher Baker-Brian, has been appointed to serve on the 2011 IEEE Committee on Humanitarian Activities. Chris will be hoping to use the experiences he has gained through his time as a member of both e.quinox and BBOXX to assist the committee in driving strategy across the broad and challenging area of humanitarian activities.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

BBOXX spent a week optimising its manufacturing framework in China

BBOXX’s Director of China Operations, Victor Wong, took founding partner Laurent and engineer William on a weeklong trip in the Guangdong Province of China to visit BBOXX’s manufacturers and carry out the preparatory work required to set up an assembly line to mass produce our solar solutions in the coming months. The main aim of the trip was to ensure that the quality and reliability of the different components used in BBOXX’s solutions satisfy international standards. New innovative renewable energy solutions will also soon be added to BBOXX’s product mix.  

From left to right: Mr Van Houcke (Partner), Mr Van Goethem (Engineer), Robert (Director Injection Moulding Company), Mr Wong (Director China Opeations) and Wally (BBOXX's translator).

Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturer.
Electronic Circuit Assembly Line.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

BBOXX through to the semi-final of the Global Social Venture Competition

BBOXX was one of the projects selected, at l’ESSEC on the 1st of February in Paris, for the semi-final of the Global Social Venture Competition on the 4th of March in London. We received some positive and constructive feedback from the judging panel comprising of bankers, fund managers, social entrepreneurs and academics. We met many like-minded and fascinating entrepreneurs with whom we hope to collaborate in the future.

The next episode will be on the 4th of March at the London Business School to try to secure a place for the final at Berkeley.  
Mr Dujacquier and Mr Van Houcke introducing BBOXX in Paris for the Global Social Venture Competition.
Price giving ceremony.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

BBOXX's new office in Hong Kong

Partners, Laurent Van Houcke and Derek Wong, have just launched BBOXX's new office in Hong Kong ,close to the container port, that will be used to manage its manufacturing and logistics activities in China. They will be travelling for three weeks with one of BBOXX’s engineers, William Van Goethem, in the Guangdong Province of China to work with BBOXX’s manufacturers and set up a new assembly line that will be able to supply the growing global demand for BBOXX’s solar solutions and efficient lighting technology. BBOXX is working closely with its manufacturers to meet international  quality and health and safety standards during the production process while optimising the supply chain around its products to offer its solutions at the lowest cost to its customers. 

Partners, Mr Wong and Mr Van Houcke, working in BBOXX's Hong Kong office.

Hong Kong view minutes away from BBOXX's office.