Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Team Expands

Today the team added two new members! 

After having a talk with our friend Justus Mucyo, an e.quinox partner of the first hour and recent KIST graduate, he agreed to supervise production for BBOXX once the current team has left Rwanda in September. 

He is now officially Director of Production and Quality Control for Rwanda. Which basically means that he will be  BBOXX's main representative in the country, and will have to handle the difficult task of getting BB5 parts out of customs, of employing and supervising local workers, of making sure assembly lines run smoothly, and of handling any production defects that might (fingers crossed) arise once the first thousand batteries are sold.

 Justus Joins BBOXX!

Chris and Justus Going Over the First Technical Details
Hubert Rutage Ruzibiza, whom we met by chance during BBOXX's early bank-related operations, is now Associate Partner in Rwanda. After studying in West Africa, in France and graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia, USA, he has come back to Rwanda to work for Bank of Kigali, but his real interest lies in starting businesses and making new ideas blossom. Which is why, he told us, he would be willing to give us some of his time, with, for now, little guarantee of any financial return. His business intelligence and many contacts here will be extremely useful in supervising contracts with various retailers and government organizations.

Completely unrelated: this morning we asked Sylvie to take us with her to the market where she buys all the delicious meats and vegetables she cooks for us every day. It was an overwhelming site: rows upon cramped rows of fruits and legumes of every kind, a bustling crowd, and an ocean of smells and textures. Dizzying. 

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