Friday, 10 September 2010

UK team departs Rwanda

The UK based team said goodbye to Rwanda on Thursday after nearly 6 months of combined man-hours in the country. Mansoor, Chris and Laurent have achieved nearly all their aims of sorting out the business paperwork, setting up the local production facility, employing the local management and production team, testing the market potential of the product and opening a facility in which to grow the business (as well as other achievements too numerous to mention).

We are glad to be leaving the day-to day running of the business in the safe and competent hands of the local management team: Justus Mucyo, Olivier Udahemuka and Hubert Rutage Ruzibiza; the team have a diverse set of skills that complements each other well and with the constant support they can expect from the UK based partners, we are confident they will suceed in the growing and developing the Rwandan branch of the business.

UPDATE: In recognition of the hard work the team have put into setting up the company and its potential for the future, the "Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year" has shortlisted the company for the final of the 2010 awards.

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