Thursday, 2 December 2010

An original advertising method

BBOXX’s Rwandan Director of Distribution and Sales, Olivier Udahemuka, undertook an analysis on the marketing and sales techniques that are most suited for the Rwandan market. His conclusion was that a jeep, a renowned DJ, a powerful sound system, a wireless microphone and an army of salesman were the ingredients required to raise awareness of our products in East Africa. 

BBOXX's jeep and sound system are key to advertise our products around the country.

During three days he drove around the most popular markets around Rwanda to advertise and sell our solar kit. Olivier came back exhausted but confident about the mass market appeal of our products in Rwanda and said: “I felt more like a preacher than a salesman.  We were shaving people on the hood of the car to demonstrate the different ways of using our product, it was hectic!! ”.
Olivier "preaching" about the benefits and characteristics of our box.

A young boy being shaved witht he power of the BB5 on the hood of the jeep.

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