Monday, 26 September 2011

BBOXX Congo launches its active distribution and marketing strategies

BBOXX Congo launched its radio and TV ads to notify the population of its creation and of the products offered in Goma. Most people in Congo have very little knowledge about solar technology and BBOXX Congo is working hard to explain and spread the benefits and limitations of its solar kits and of solar energy in general.
Sales have picked up rapidly and many people are coming to BBOXX Congo shop to enquire about the functionality and the prices for its products. BBOXX Congo has already signed its first distribution contract and its technicians are actively training the distributor’s salesmen. BBOXX Congo hopes to expand its distribution network by promoting its attractive distribution model which involves technical training, marketing material and financial mechanisms to help people open a BBOXX shop in the Kivu region. 

BBOXX Congo staffs setting up a display shelf at one of their distributors.

BBOXX partner, Mr van Goethem, at the back of BBOXX Congo pickup marketing our solar kits in Goma.

BBOXX Congo shop full of products and ready for action.

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