Tuesday, 2 August 2011

BBOXX at the 2011 Kigali EXPO

BBOXX has a stand for the second year in a row at the Kigali East African EXPO which gathers many players from a wide variety of industries in East Africa. BBOXX is presenting its new diversified product range and analysing the market response to its new solar products. One of the unique products that they are launching this summer is a low-power TV that can run for several hours per day on their different solar kits. Rwanda has around 90% TV coverage and their TV has an antenna with an integrated decoder allowing people in remote regions to watch the news. They hope this will be a big seller!
BBOXX's stand at Kigali EXPO
BBOXX stand in action
BBOXX aims to make its offices in Kigali the headquarters for its East African operations and they have already started to export products to Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. BBOXX’s partner, Mr van Goethem and Mr Van Houcke, will be in Rwanda for two months preparing the framework and distribution networks required to expand BBOXX’s operations in the region. 

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