Monday, 8 August 2011

BBOXX testing its products under the toughest conditions

BBOXX's partners, Mr van Goethem and Mr Van Houcke, climbed the Nyiragongo volcano in the Virgunga Park which destroyed part of Goma in 2002. It has the largest lava lake in the world at around 3,400 meters above sea level.

As part of their trip, they took one of their battery boxes that they used for lighting while spending the night next the crater with the temperature falling below 5 degree Celsius.  
Mr van Goethem and Mr Van Houcke at the top of Mount Nyiragongo

BB7 battery box on the edge of the volcano's crater


  1. Hi,

    Love the product and was wondering how much the BB7 is selling for or if it's even available yet.


  2. Hello, our container is arriving in Goma in the coming days. The BB7 battery box with 10W panel, 2 lights, USB multiple phone charger and grid charger will be available for around $200 depending on the customs clearing costs we will have.